Saturday, August 20, 2016

After years of ignoring my blog I've decided to give life back to my blog.  I've started and completed a few projects, some are still WIPs others have been frogged.  Starting a new project, my daughter requested a mermaid tail for my granddaughter for Christmas.  Bought the yarn today.  I've found a pattern I'm going to follow and hope and pray that it works up easily.  Will post photos of my progress.

I am using Bernat Supervalue in Magenta.

The pattern I'm using can be found here at  Crochet Mermaid Tail Easy Tutorial.

Fall, hopefully is just around the corner.  Its been quite unseasonable warm here this summer.  The day's are slowly getting shorter.  Hoping to put in a bit more time crocheting and possibly make some other gifts and who knows who I just might gift them off to.  I can't wait for fall weather to come in, fall is generally the time of year that I get into the hibernation mode. Where I want to stay home and just be cozy, cuddle up on the sofa with my projects and a good cuppa tea.  I've many ideas for this fall into winter.  Hoping to being able to achieve some or most of them. Cheers!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Fall is on its way, even tho summer is still hanging on and not willing to let go. The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. I love the cool weather, gets me into the "crafting" mood. Working with yarn can sometimes be bothersome in the heat. I kinda go through the hibernation phase I guess you can call it. I start planning for winter in all aspects, food, clothing and entertainment. Well this year I think I might try my hand a bit more at knitting, most items I make are crochet as I find then tend to work up faster. I'm pretty sure some of my friends knit just as fast as I crochet, but they are seasoned knitters and I still consider myself a beginner. My grandmother on the other hand was in my books a master knitter. She could knit without looking, which I'm not able to do unless I want holes in my knitting and she could turn out a complete sweater in a weekend. This truly amazed me! I still have a sweater she made me as a child, its special and I won't let it go. Too many memories go with that sweater. Being that I'm going to try and knit more my projects will be simple ones. I've found a few pics of interest.

Knit Legwarmer pattern

ThreadBanger Knit and Crochet Legwarmers has quite a few links to patterns that are really cute and I'm very interested in trying out. Take a peak!

The pattern for Ruffled Leg Warmers can be found here

These ones I find interesting because of the zipper, I know most people hate zippers and they know the trouble of putting zippers in, still I find them cute.

Then there are these, really I don't see myself making these they are nice but... anyways I posted them here. There is no pattern, selling on some website. As one person commented on the site: "These are totally cute, but not totally realistic. :) Either way, these thigh high lace up leg warmers would be good for anyone who doesn't mind bringing a bit of fantasy fashion into the real world. These remind me of a modern Victorian look that would be worn on a fall or winters day. They are quite lovely. The only thing I would change is the hanging yarn. I would either drastically shorten them, and tie them into small bows, or get rid of them altogether. I find them a bit distracting." I have to agree with her.

These knit wristlets pattern can be found here

This one from Caron Yarns can be found here

I had to add these even though there is no pattern, she made it up as she went along. I like the look of the yarn she used, it has a bohemian or freeform look to the finished product. Her blog is in the blog list under Kandipandi's Pad if you are interested in checking her crochet out.

These crochet ones are cute but there is no pattern to be found, seems pretty easy tho. I prefer knit wristwarmers/wristlets to crochet just because crochet tends to bulk up and be unflexible compared to knitting. Knitted clothing just seems to move freely unlike crochet clothing unless it airy and made of cotton thread.

I've got more ideas but this is turning into a long posting, so I will end here and start planning my project! Happy knitting!!